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Classic Diamond Initial Necklace

From HK$ 2,400

Diamond Nameplate Chain Necklace

From HK$ 4,800

California Nameplate Chain

From HK$ 3,600

Solitaire Diamond Chain

From HK$ 5,800

Heidi Link Chain Necklace

From HK$ 4,200

Snake Gold Chain

HK$ 3,800

Pear Diamond Chain with Two Diamond Initials Necklace

HK$ 9,000

Solitaire Diamond Necklace

From HK$ 2,800

Gothic Initial Chain

From HK$ 4,200

Bezel Diamond Necklace

HK$ 3,000

Sixty Hola Diamond Necklace

HK$ 8,200

Diamond Y Chain Necklace

HK$ 3,800

Asha Baby Pearl Necklace

HK$ 920

Nabi Diamond Necklace

HK$ 3,800

Classic Diamond Tennis Necklace

HK$ 42,000

Colin Cuban Chain

From HK$ 3,400

Miami Lola Chain

From HK$ 2,600

Prince Box Chain Necklace

HK$ 2,200

Mini Snake Chain Necklace

HK$ 2,600

Chain Gold Extender

HK$ 580

SIA Gift Card

From HK$ 500

Petite Nadia Tennis Diamond Necklace

HK$ 38,000

Audrey Ribbon Necklace

From HK$ 5,200

Mini Audrey Ribbon Necklace

HK$ 2,400

Natasha Tennis Diamond Necklace

HK$ 42,000

Melinda Marquise Diamond Necklace

HK$ 9,600

Hilda Heart Diamond Necklace

HK$ 2,800